5 Dance Tips For The Whole Family

Dance is demanding, which means that being dance parents is too! It takes organization, energy and time. We can all use some tips to make a hectic day run smoothly and show up calm and ready to dance. Here’s a few tips every dance family should know:


1. Invest in a good dance bag

A dance bag is a personal choice for most dancers. Think about the busiest day of the week and make sure all your dance gear fits and stays organized; no one wants to dig through a messy bag. Every bag has different features, from a separate shoe compartment, side pockets, to a pull out shelf you can hang up on a bar. 

Recommendation: Bloch Organizer Bag (Pictured right) https://limbersdancewear.com/products/bloch-a318-organizer-bag

2. Clear Nail Polish

You notice what you thought was your last good pair of tights has a snag. Quickly put some clear nail polish on and around the hole and let it dry. This will prevent the hole from getting bigger! If you’re too late to save your tights, make some shorts by cutting of the legs or make a top by cutting off the feet and the crotch.


3. Dry out your shoes

Do not leave shoes in your dance bag until your next class. All shoes should be taken out of your bag after class and properly dried out. Whether you simply put them next to your bag at home, or tie pointe shoes to the staircase, it will benefit and prolong the life of your shoes. You can even use drying inserts or deodorizing pouches to help them soak up the moisture and keep them fresh.

Recommendation: Grishko Dryer Inserts https://limbersdancewear.com/products/0559-grishko-pointe-shoe-dryer-inserts

4. Keep dancewear out of reach from pets

No one wants to be in a rush on the way to class and find out your dog decided to have some fun with your shoes. Leave your bag and dancewear on an elevated surface or in a room your pet doesn’t have access to.


5. Easy ballet bun tools

Have trouble creating a nice looking bun or want a consistent shape every time? There are many different tools to help you get there! Use a bun builder (known as a donut) and get a perfectly round voluminous bun. Or use a whirl-a-style or snap clip builder to roll your hair into a bun. It’s as easy as that!

Recommendation: Whirl-a-Style, Capezio Bun Builder. 


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